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Five benefits of customizing USB drives Jun 19, 2018

Now, many companies need to customize USB drives in order to promote their brands better, and now Watson Electronics will talk about the five benefits of customizing USB drives: 
image.png1. Customized U disk high cost performance. Generally custom-made U-disk ordering capacity of about 100 U disk surface can be printed on the corporate brand Logo in order to deepen the corporate brand image. 

2. U disk is practical, scientific and technical. It can be used in a wide range of fields, and can be used for both office and entertainment at the same time. 

3. U disk can be pre-copied into the enterprise promotional materials, or can be set up to play or pop up automatically, which can promote brand awareness better. 3. The U disk can be pre-copied into the enterprise promotional materials, and can also be set up automatically. 

4. U-disk can be customized in a wide range of styles and types, can be very selective, enterprises can find their own satisfaction according to the needs of the style. 

5. Watson Electronics also provides open mold design services for enterprises, as long as the number of requirements, you can open the mold design of any type of U disk.