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The difference between PVC u disk and silicone u disk Jun 07, 2018

PVC U disk and silicone U disk is now very common two U disk, but how many people know how to identify pvcU disk and silicone U disk? Pvc and silicone are used in the U disk shell material, the following will give you talk about how to distinguish between PVC U disk and silicone U disk: 


1, according to the tactile judgment. Silicone material has a certain flesh texture, touches fleshy, soft, and PVC does not have such a feeling. 
2, directly with the fire. The U disk case is burned with a lighter. If it is silicone, white powder will appear, and PVC will be burned directly. 
3, use the nose to smell U disk, in general, silicone is not odor, and PVC there are some plastic smell, especially some U disk manufacturers use inferior PVC material, the taste will be very heavy. Environmentally friendly PVC also has a odor, but it will be slightly lighter. 
Do not take this small trick, it can help solve big problems! By knowing these, you don't have to worry about being fooled by your vendor or U disk manufacturer later.