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Advertising U Disk Gift U Disk Success Stories Apr 18, 2018

1, featured products: card U disk, metal U disk, wooden U disk, mini U disk, crystal U disk, leather U disk and other storage cards.

2, for enterprises and institutions to provide OEMODM (laser, screen printing, engraving, high-frequency imprint Epoxy, bronzing, hot silver and other processes) personalized product LOGO customization!

We can give you: U disk chip curing company promotional content (video, documents, pictures, etc.) embedded application design, U disk 1GB-32GB capacity selection, U disk color style selection and a series of DIY tailored.

Our products can be used as: business gifts, exhibition gifts, electronic gifts, conference gifts, employee benefits gifts, promotional gifts, and other products bound sales gifts, a wide range of applications.

Laser custom engraving of text or patterns on metal, plastic, wood and other items through a laser machine.

U disk custom

Screen printing custom printing through the squeegee, so that the ink through the graphics part of the mesh transferred to the substrate, forming the same as the original image.

U disk custom

Color printing can print text, graphics and images on the surface of irregularly shaped objects.

U disk custom

Pad printing enables the printing of text, graphics and images on the surface of irregularly shaped objects.

U disk custom

Embossing custom under the role of the mold so that the thickness of the sheet material changes, the surface of the parts on the undulating pattern or word pressing process called imprinting, and more for the leather shell.

U disk custom

Epoxy Epoxy Crystal Epoxy is composed of high-purity epoxy resin, hardener and other media.

The cured product has the characteristics of water resistance, chemical resistance, and crystal clearness.

U disk custom

UV custom local glazing process is the rapid reaction of varnish under UV light, followed by the formation of conjunctival curing. The place after polishing is particularly bright, with a slightly raised feeling and a very smooth feel. Partial glossing refers to glazing at a designated location on the product.

U disk custom

The hot stamping and silver customizing hot silvering process utilizes a certain pressure and temperature, and uses the stencil mounted on the stamping machine to press the printed matter and the hot stamping plate in a short time, and presses the metal foil or the color pigment foil according to the stamping template. The document requires the transfer to the surface of the printed product, and the area after the silver has a metallic texture.

U disk custom