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Leather U Disk, A Model Of Business Gifts Apr 18, 2017

Leather U disk using high quality leather shell, advanced processing technology, high-end fashion design, leather material gives a solid feel, and durable, its high seismic performance better protect the internal components, is the pursuit of high-quality business gifts the obvious choice.

leather U disk

Leather U disk there is a feature that can be custom imprinted, that company's logo printed on the imprint process by U-leather top, appear to be more personalized.

custom leather U disk

The most important property of natural leather U disk is its ability to store, and leather U disk has become a good business gifts also precisely because of this feature. Corporate promotional materials can be stored in different forms in the gift U disk, such as corporate presentation materials can be made into word document, product images can be made into a slide, you can also offer made companies excel table and so on, so to achieve the purpose of publicity for the enterprise.