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Power Bank

As a portable charger that integrates power supply and charging functions, power bank can charge mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices anytime, anywhere. The lithium battery core is used as a power storage unit, which is convenient and quick to use. Our designers consider design in many aspects, such as environmental protection, art, and portability. Further individual adjustments were made to the market. Once again, it brings a new design concept to the power bank industry.
In the case that many digital power sources cannot be stored, power bank can be supplied through some devices to make the digital products work normally. The design of its products is incorporated into the consumer's public or niche aesthetics. As an electronic product that is carried and has a certain function, consumers pay great attention to the aesthetic appearance of the appearance, so we not only increase the battery power management technology innovation, but also increase the appearance of products that meet the consumer aesthetics.
WORTHSPARK is one of the leading power bank manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to wholesale low price power bank in stock from our factory here. Also, customized service is supported.
High capacity.
Smart battery indicator, one press.
Ultra low power consumption: static power consumption below 10uA.
Intelligent protection function: It has multiple protections such as overcharge, over discharge, over current and short circuit.
Intelligent recognition wake-up function: When the output USB is plugged into the mobile phone or digital product charging cable, the power bank is automatically woken up by the sleep low power mode to turn on the discharge.
Smart battery indicator off function: When charging or discharging, press to turn off the battery indicator.
Intelligent battery anomaly detection function: When charging a mobile phone or digital product, it will turn on the battery detection for detecting the mobile phone or digital product. If there is no abnormality indicator, it will flash according to the power cycle.
Color-friendly environmentally-friendly battery cells have a capacity of more than 82% after 500 cycles of charging and discharging.
Even if you are not near a wall or car charger, you can use a convenient power bank to charge the device's battery.
  • 2600mAh Power Bank

    2600mAh Power Bank

    The 2600mAh power bank can charge your smartphone anytime, anywhere. You can also charge iPhone, iPod, PSP, MP3 players and devices that support USB charging. It has an LED flashlight indicator when charging the mobile power, and it automatically turns off when your device is...

  • Wood Power Bank

    Wood Power Bank

    This ultra-compact mobile wood power bank is not only a convenient mobile phone charger, it is also an effective promotional marketing tool. The wood surface of the portable charger gives your brand a highly visible advertising space while charging your phone and other mobile...

  • ABS Mobile Power Bank

    ABS Mobile Power Bank

    ABS Mobile Power Bank enters the market as a portable external power source to complement the internal battery of mobile phones or mobile devices. Using a lithium polymer battery as a power source, with a stylish and creative design style, it can be used as an excellent...

  • Credit Card Size Power Bank

    Credit Card Size Power Bank

    Use your credit card size power bank to charge your phone or tablet anytime, anywhere. Thanks to its compact size and light weight, this Power Bank fits easily into your laptop bag, wallet or backpack. Whether you are on a business trip or on vacation, you can design for an...

  • Solar Power Bank Charger

    Solar Power Bank Charger

    The solar power bank charger is a versatile solar emergency charger. It is equipped with large solar panels that greatly improve solar absorption and conversion. It takes about 20 hours to fully charge by solar energy. The folding solar panel design is easy to carry when...

  • Power Bank Lipstick

    Power Bank Lipstick

    Power bank lipstick is always a good idea. This interesting device is masquerading as a mobile power supply of 1000-2200 mAh when you are out of battery power. It is lightweight and easy to carry and can be placed in a pocket or handbag to ensure emergency power is always...

  • Mini Led Display Screen Smart Power Bank

    Mini Led Display Screen Smart Power Bank

    Smart Power Technology: Both USB ports intelligently detect your device and provide faster charging.
    Smart Digital Screen: Displays the remaining battery capacity in digital format and hides it before activation. Suitable for almost all USB powered devices.

  • Power Bank Mirror

    Power Bank Mirror

    Power Bank Mirror is perfect for people who are busy. Compact mobile power allows you to charge your phone and repair your hair and make-up anytime, anywhere. It is suitable for all these small emergencies, small size and light weight, so you can put it in your handbag for...

  • Ultra Slim Power Bank

    Ultra Slim Power Bank

    The convenient ultra slim power bank is very easy to use. It can be connected directly to the Micro USB input of the mobile device. You can also charge your mobile power from your computer. In addition, this power bank can charge 100% of most mobile phones. This ultra slim...

  • ROHS Power Bank 5600mAh MPB-029

    ROHS Power Bank 5600mAh MPB-029

    ROHS Power Bank 5600mAh MPB-029 has a built-in 5600mAh lithium polymer battery for high efficiency and high conversion rate. Give your phone 80% extra battery life, perfect for long trips and business trips. Made from a flexible soft frame + hard-shell backsheet, it provides...

  • ROHS Power Bank 8000mAh

    ROHS Power Bank 8000mAh

    The ROHS power bank 8000mAh cable is made of high-quality materials and is made of high-quality copper inside the cable for durability and fast charging and efficient data synchronization for all compatible devices. This allows for a good connection to the fast charging...

  • Power Bank Wood

    Power Bank Wood

    The power bank wood redefines the look of mobile power in its natural and minimalist style. However, it is functionally uncompromising, offering high-capacity high-capacity batteries and dual USB outputs. This is a portable charger designed for the minimalist. Wood Power Bank...

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