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Custom Power Bank

Mobile phones and electronic products have penetrated into our lives. How to use these electronic products without power supply has also become our focus. WORTHSPARK can provide custom power banks such as: custom metal mobile power pack, customized PVC emoji power bank, custom Logo power bank and more.
Configured with basic standard USB output, our power supply is compatible with all USB charging devices, supporting mobile phones, tablets, cameras and other devices. It is definitely a must-have power bank for traveling and traveling. In the case that many digital power sources cannot be stored, power can be supplied through it to enable digital products to achieve normal working results.
As a device that can directly charge mobile devices and has its own storage unit, the design of our products can be incorporated into the aesthetics of consumers. It can be designed from the aspects of environmental protection, art, portability, etc.
Lithium-ion polymer batteries have good discharge characteristics, are light, do not explode, and are more secure.
The colloidal electrolyte has a smooth discharge characteristic and a higher discharge platform than the liquid electrolyte colloidal electrolyte.
The key components in the internal structure of the power supply are imported materials.
Professional power supply manufacturers, production and product quality have professional quality control and detection mechanisms.
The pulse charge management is adopted, the charging current is large, the temperature is low, and the battery life is long.
Do not adjust the output voltage above the device voltage;
Short circuit, decomposition and thrown into the fire are prohibited;
Do not disassemble the rechargeable battery to modify it; Pay attention to moisture and water.
  • 10000mAh Customed Metal Mobile Power Pack

    10000mAh Customed Metal Mobile Power Pack

    This 10000mAh customed metal mobile power pack is designed with a private design, using a Class A 18650 lithium battery, high quality built-in smart IC, in line with CE FCC ROHS UL PSE international standards. The material is metal, with a matte touch, the logo can be laser...

  • Customized PVC Emoji Power Bank MPB-EMO 2600mAh

    Customized PVC Emoji Power Bank MPB-EMO 2600mAh

    Bring life back to your device with this superb Customized PVC Emoji Power Bank MPB-EMO 2600mAh. It can keep your phone in ample state throughout the day, keeping you active on your device, not so terrible. High efficiency power conversion and good power saving...

  • Custom Logo Credit Card Power Bank

    Custom Logo Credit Card Power Bank

    This custom logo credit card power bank is compatible with Android and iPhone. The built-in micro-USB cable is suitable for any Android device, and has an iPhone adapter option that plugs into a device hidden under normal charging lines, making the product a great...

  • Metal Stick Power Bank 2600mAh

    Metal Stick Power Bank 2600mAh

    Key Specifications/Special Features: 1.Enough capacity battery cells to extend your battery run extra over one times. 2.Apply high quality EP Li-ion battery cells, safe and reliable, stable function, longer standby time, then 500 times cycling charging-discharging capacity...