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Gift Power Bank

This magical gift power bank is presented in an elegant box. It is a very popular mobile power charger and is suitable as a corporate gift. It is a metal case that is ultra-portable, lightweight and elegant in appearance. Due to its heat dissipation efficiency, the metal casing is always a good material for the power pack. The power bank has a large printing surface and is available in a variety of colors. The Power Bank is packed with an exclusive high-quality black gift box that is suitable as a premium gift.
If you wish to purchase Power Bank as a corporate gift to your customers, annual dinner door gifts, employee birthday gifts and gifts for employees, we strongly recommend using our Gift Power Bank.
WORTHSPARK is one of the leading power bank manufacturers and suppliers in China. We specialized in wholesale and customized service. Welcome to buy power bank in stock at a low price here from our factory.
Rechargeable 500 times.
Fully charge mobile power for 4-5 hours using a USB computer slot.
Fully charge your phone within a few hours LED indicator shows that the mobile power is charging.
Charging and short circuit protection.
High quality case, portable lithium battery allows you to charge your device from anywhere.
Includes a standard USB connector cable that can be used to charge the battery from a computer or any USB port with power.
Equipped with a dual port and LED ring to help illuminate the logo area in the dark.
Compatible with all USB charging cables, including mobile phones, MP3, MP4, iPod, iPhone, iPad, GPS, digital cameras and more.
The more you order, the lower the unit price.
It is recommended that you do not use a power bank that exceeds the voltage range to power your device.
Please use a matching USB data interface.
Need to be placed in a dry, low air humidity environment.
Frequent use can maximize the life of the power bank.
Do not use harsh chemicals, detergents or strong detergents to clean the mobile power.
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