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PVC Power Bank

WORTHSPARK offers PVC power bank, including customed PVC emoji power bank MPB-EMO 2600mah and customized shape PVC power bank.
This PVC power bank can be designed according to your needs. We can guarantee the texture and make this mobile power supply very durable and durable. Our battery bank has the advantages of high energy density, small size, high voltage, long life, long-term discharge without memory effect, high temperature resistance and so on.
The circuit design of our products is based on single-chip microcomputer, supplemented by charging, discharging and protection circuits to meet the safety and reliability requirements of users. According to the research on the market and users and the requirements of customers, design intelligent mobile power bank, integrate charge management circuit, protection circuit and security protection performance into the solution to realize mobile power bank Smart features.
In the design process of the whole solution, we take the intelligent function of mobile power as the core to ensure the safety of mobile power products, and to meet the corresponding design regulations and certification regulations as the first choice. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the mobile power supply, multiple protections are taken inside the mobile power source to prevent the mobile power source from being damaged due to overcharging, overdischarging or short circuit.
A multi-purpose machine saves money and saves time.
Dual USB port output, plug and play.
A safe and secure lithium-ion battery.
The capacity is sufficient and the number of cycles is high.
Small size, exquisite appearance, meticulous workmanship and easy to carry.
The outer casing is a material that feels good and wears.
Strong compatibility, cost-effective, power supply or charging for a variety of portable digital products such as MP3, MP4 and other brands in the market anytime, anywhere.
Power tools such as PHS telephones, walkie-talkies, laptops, digital cameras, video cameras, portable VCDs, DVDs, LED flashlights, etc.
  • customed PVC Emoji Power Bank MPB-EMO 2600mah

    customed PVC Emoji Power Bank MPB-EMO 2600mah

    Super cute appearance, looks good and easy to carry. The charger itself is an emergency must-have product and is not suitable for long-term charging. Extremely high multi-level voltage protection stability, excellent safety performance Compatible, simple...

  • Customized Shape PVC Power Bank

    Customized Shape PVC Power Bank

    Customized shape PVC power bank with custom logo Product Description Features of solar power bank: 1. OEM and ODM welcome brand power bank wholesale in China. 2. Brand battery with high capacity, convenient and easy to use. 3. Apply to cellphone,handheld computer, MP3, MP4,...