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Slim Power Bank

Many users want mobile power to be as light and thin as a mobile phone, which is not impossible. This function can be implemented by Slim Power Bank provided by WORTHSPARK. Its shape is like a wallet, with a finely textured texture and excellent texture in the metal frame to create the best power bank. The ultra-thin mobile power supply, as a new generation of portable digital companion, excels in appearance and portability.
For the majority of consumers, mobile power bank has become an indispensable product in daily life. It can be carried around, and can be provided in time when mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers are running out of power. The power supply is not limited by the environment, and it is very convenient to use. It solves the shortcomings of the lack of battery life of the mobile phone, and it has been favored by people. Now the mobile power in the market is also various. Different consumers can easily find the model that suits them.
The metal casing is integrally formed, has a very high structural strength, is resistant to falling and collision, and has a surface that is resistant to sweat and corrosion.
Adopts imported USB intelligent control chip and charging and discharging chip, which can automatically adjust and automatically adjust the output power.
High-quality batteries, long life cycle of charge and discharge, and high safety.
The special and excellent circuit design protects the safety of the battery cells and rechargeable batteries, reduces losses and heat, and maximizes the conversion of cell energy into output energy.
Faster and safer to charge, with protection against overload, overcurrent, overcharge, overtemperature and short circuit.
Strong compatibility: Compatible with common multi-brand phones and tablets.
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