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Wooden Power Bank

The wooden power bank is a portable charger that integrates power supply and charging functions. It can charge mobile phones, tablet computers and other digital devices anytime, anywhere. It uses a lithium battery as a power storage unit, which is convenient and quick to use.
The charging plug of power bank can directly charge the mobile device through the AC power supply and has its own storage device, which is equivalent to a mixture of a charger and a backup battery, which can simplify the device of one charging plug compared to the backup power source. It has its own storage device than the charger, which can provide backup power to digital products when there is no direct power or going out.
The USB port is used for power output, and the data cable can be plugged in to enable charging at any time, which solves the problem of insufficient battery power of digital products.
High-capacity lithium battery core, featuring small size, exquisite appearance and convenient carrying.
Intelligent control, microcomputer intelligent monitoring battery power and over-discharge protection.
Applicable to all kinds of tablet computers, smart phones, MP3, MP4, a variety of portable digital products charging, a multi-purpose machine, saving money and time.
Applicable people: business people, game lovers, travelers, music lovers, etc.
About the material:
Odor: Woody material has a natural aroma.
Practical: We are the best choice for wood and are very durable.
Environment: Natural wood, free of any toxic substances, very friendly to the environment.
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