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USB 3.0

The advantages and features of USB 3.0 are very obvious and stable, and play a vital role in providing consumers with the simple connectivity they need. USB 3.0 is backward compatible and combines the ease of use and plug-and-play capabilities of traditional USB technology. It uses the same architecture as wired USB. In addition to optimizing the USB 3.0 specification for lower power consumption and higher protocol efficiency, USB 3.0 ports enable backward compatibility and support for future fiber transport.
USB 3.0 is the latest specification standard, and it maintains USB 2.0 compatibility due to improved skills, and also provides some enhancements. Driven by the ever-increasing resolution and storage performance requirements of consumer electronics devices, it is hoped that wider media applications will be realized through broadband Internet connections, so users need faster transmission performance to simplify downloading, storage, and mass storage. Sharing of content. USB 3.0 plays a vital role in providing consumers with the easy connectivity they need.
The digital age requires high-speed performance and reliable interconnection to achieve the transmission of huge amounts of data in daily life. USB 3.0 is a great way to address this challenge and continue to provide a USB usability experience that users are used to and continue to expect.
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Enables the host to recognize the device faster.
With a fast transfer rate, USB 3.0 can transfer large files at the storage rate defined by the storage device.
Enables the host to provide more power to the device for applications such as USB—rechargeable batteries, LED lighting, and mini fans.
USB3.0 introduces full-duplex data transmission for simultaneous read and write operations at full speed.
With the increasing popularity of digital media and the ever-increasing number of transmitted files, fast synchronous instant transfer has become a necessary performance requirement. It is suitable for fast, simultaneous, instant transfer of personal computer, consumer and mobile products.
  • High Speed 16GB Metal USB 3.0 Memory Stick MU-022

    High Speed 16GB Metal USB 3.0 Memory Stick MU-022

    Advantage of USB 3.0 Memory Stick: 1. Elegant metal casting design with a key loop on one end 2. High Speed 3.0 interface,3-8M/s Writing speed and 12-20M/s reading speed 3. Memory available in 1GB,2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB

  • Mini Metal Swivel USB 3.0 Flash Drive 32GB

    Mini Metal Swivel USB 3.0 Flash Drive 32GB

    Advantage of USB 3.0 Flash Drive: 1. ​Plug and play, easy to install and uninstall 2. Unique metal swivel cap design, can avoid lossing of cap 3. Branding Area: Front and Reverse Side, 23mm * 12 mm