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USB Card

The USB card is an external bus standard that regulates the connection and communication between the computer and external devices. It is an interface technology applied in the PC field. The USB interface supports plug-and-play and hot-swap capabilities of the device.
USB uses a four-wire cable, two of which are serial channels for transmitting data and two for powering Downstream devices. The USB bus automatically and dynamically switches between the two transmission modes depending on the peripheral conditions. The USB host controller broadcasts a token, and the device on the bus detects whether the address in the token matches itself, and responds by receiving or transmitting data to the host. USB manages USB bus power by supporting suspend/resume operations.
Miniature appearance, easy to use, easy to carry: It adopts a new miniature design, which is exquisite and compact. When it is inserted into the computer, it can hardly notice its existence. It does not occupy too much space, and it is very convenient to use and carry.
The built-in antenna is specially designed for superior performance: the built-in antenna is specially designed to improve signal reception and enhance signal stability.
High rate: using advanced technology, high transmission rate, more efficient data transmission in LAN, voice and video, online games, online on-demand smoother.
High level of security: Supports encryption and protects content in all aspects.
Good compatibility: It is compatible with most digital products on the market, and supports mainstream HD players and Internet TVs.
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